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Nighttime Version of The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever

In The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever, the initial relaxation that starts off the guided meditation The Rose Garden has become the main event. This is an easy relaxation exercise that works for everyone, regardless of whether you have never done a relaxation exercise before or have meditated several times per week for years. The original version of the exercise without brainwave entrainment can also be done by children over 10 years old. The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever begins with tuning into the sensations of your breathing. After that, you will get help relaxing first your feet and legs, then your hips, then your stomach, chest and back, followed by your hands and arms, then your neck and throat, and finally the muscles in your face. Once your whole body has relaxed you will have time to just relax to the music. The original version of The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever is intended for daytime use. However, since many people want to use it to help them fall asleep, the ending awakening section has been removed in order to create this nighttime version. This means that once your body has relaxed, the music will continue to play for another 25 minutes and simply fade out at the end. Though listed under different names, the narrator is also the author of this audiobook. The background music is composed by Chris Collins and is called Serenity.








Sophie Påhlsson


September 9th, 2019


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Serenity, by Chris Collins

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