Your Special Place. A Guided Meditation

Are you looking for a guided meditation you can use repeatedly without getting tired of it—one that can still provide you with new experiences after months of listening? If so, Your Special Place is the perfect meditation for you. It gives you much freedom without sacrificing the structural help and controlled time frame a guided meditation should provide. The recording starts by helping you calm your breathing and relax your body; you will get more out of the rest of the meditation if you wind down a little before it starts. The meditation’s main part is a guided imagery sequence during which you imagine being outside in nature. It can be a real place you sometimes visit or a dreamed-up storybook landscape that does not exist anywhere. Once you have decided where to go, I will you explore the place with my instructions. Some prefer to imagine visiting the same place every time they listen to the meditation. That may be a good strategy for beginners since they will begin associating the imagery with relaxation, making it easier to relax. Others might imagine visiting a beach one day and a forest the next. Or they might imagine taking a long walk through a landscape that changes as they explore it. All these approaches are okay. In time, you will find what works best for you. This audiobook is narrated by me. This is the second edition of Your Special Place. The first edition was released in 2015.








Sophie Påhlsson


31 oktober, 2023


CanStockPhoto Inc. /[ganko]


Christoper Lloyd Clarke

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